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Different By Design

Better Performance - Safety First

We have intentionally tested the Bluewater on some of the world's roughest waters. Lake Superior and San Francisco's "Potato Patch" have both claimed their share of large and small boats, but they couldn't defeat a Bluewater. Even accidental tests during hurricanes, with novices at the helm, proved a Bluewater could weather a storm, and protect its passengers.

What makes a Bluewater so safe?

Low Center of Gravity

The key lies in a lower center of gravity. In rough seas, tall boats can act like a sail, catching the wind and causing the boat to roll. Maneuverability is difficult at best. But a Bluewater's unique engine placement gives our yachts a low center of gravity and minimal side "sail effect." In fact, our design incorporates technology used in the world's most stable and safe boats, like ocean racing boats, Coast Guard rescue boats and life rafts. When combined with our steep reverse chine, a Bluewater can be operated by novices in rough conditions. It all adds up to increased safety and stability.

BLUEWATER: VCG 18" Above Waterline (W.L.)
Other: VCG 28" Above W.L.
Other VCG 34" Above W.L.

A lower center of gravity gives Bluewater remarkable stability in rough, windy and treacherous conditions.

Built Tough To Take It.
Each Bluewater is painstakingly constructed to withstand tough conditions - and provide you with years of enjoyment. To do this, we turn to materials and methods that are proven strong. First, we create a rock-solid, water-tight exterior by constructing a sturdy, one-piece hull and strengthening it with Kevlar®, the material used in bullet-proof vests. A Bluewater hull is so strong, it can even withstand impact and repeated beaching without damage. We glass the hull, deck mold and all interior modules together to make a strong, one-piece design. We apply a final gel coat to help protect the boat from exposure, fading, chemicals and immersion. And finally, we back it all with a LIFETIME, transferable, limited warranty.

Kevlar®, Core-Mat®, Nytex®, Klegecell® and other state-of-the-art materials provide exceptional hull and keel strength and yet save weight.

A LIFETIME, transferable, limited warranty on the hull supports our conviction that Bluewaters are built better.


You'll also find evidence of our rugged construction in smaller places that may be overlooked. Rather than installing awkward gangway ladders, a Bluewater features wide molded-in stairs for safe, stable access. All exterior walkways are given non-skid surfaces to help you keep your footing at all times.

We set hand rails higher for added protection around the entire boat, even the front deck.

A Bluewater is built and designed to withstand the rigors of beaching.

Bluewater's stairways are large, molded steps, each one with a non-skid surface. Additionally, all stairways have high, sturdy hand rails. These features combine to make passage between top and lower level safe, even in wind, rough water or rain.


Easy to Captain
One of the biggest reasons for choosing a Bluewater is that it is by design an extremely easy luxury yacht to captain. Why give a crew the pleasure of captaining your new Bluewater when you can enjoy it for yourself?

Smoother Ride.
The secret to Bluewater's unsurpassed planing lies below the surface on our patented Guardian Lift® design. Our modified V-planing hull facilitates quick planing action and ensures a smooth, level ride unmatched by other boats. Our heavily flared, blunt bow is set at an angle similar to that of an ocean-going performance racer as it rakes sharply forward to the molded bow pulpit. Beginning with a wave-cutting 45° entry in the forefoot, the hull resolves to a 7° deadrise at the transom. A Bluewater rises on plane smoothly without rocketing up or rolling.

A Bluewater is easy to pilot and easy to use - even in rough weather, difficult docking or close quarters.

The Guardian Lift® design helps a Bluewater to meet a wave head on, then push it out and down for unparalleled stability and buoyancy.

Unmatched Responsiveness.
The torque exerted by our Guardian Power® propulsion system makes a Bluewater easy to handle, even in tight spots and windy conditions. What makes a Bluewater different are the props are widely spaced, rather than close to the keel like on other yachts. Plus, the running gear is protected in recessed pockets above the keel line. And the shallow 6° shaft entry angle facilitates straight ahead power, rather than upward thrust, for quicker planing, greater speed and better fuel efficiency.

Even though Bluewater may be one of the world's easiest yachts to own, we send a delivery crew along with each one. They'll walk you through all aspects of operation, and make sure you're comfortable with everything from cruising to docking.

Should you have questions or need help, you'll find us as responsive as our yachts.

Our shallow 23" draft (gas engines) gives you the freedom to explore areas previously available only to fishing boats and wildlife. Typical drafts can hang gear down as much as 50".

Worry-free Exploration.
Discover your own quiet bay. Experience what lies beyond a low bridge. Or beach it and explore a deserted island. While such exploration is mere fantasy with most luxury yachts, it is possible with a Bluewater. That's a difference made possible by our Guardian Power®. It is designed with a shallow draft, Kevlar® reinforced keel and low silhouette that allows you to take your Bluewater almost anywhere without worrying about damage. Bluewater's design has even captured the attention of under water wildlife enthusiasts, as the protected running gear also means greater safety for manatees and other water creatures.

Convenient Controls.
With a Bluewater, you can enjoy the ease and satisfaction of captaining your own luxury yacht - without missing out on the fun around you. The upper deck control area is spacious enough for you and your guests, with as much as double the square footage of other comparable yachts. And the lower-level bridge area is the perfect place from which to captain when the party is below deck or in the rain.

You'll also appreciate another Bluewater difference: the pop-up instrument display panel. It provides full protection from the elements while putting the controls at your fingertips. The radar, automatic pilot, GPS system and depth finder are all easy to use and conveniently located within the attractive panel.

The lower-level pilot area allows the captain to be
  where the action is.


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