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Chartering/Renting Yachts


Bluewater Yachts & Boats Rental

Providing luxury yacht charter services for both private individuals and commercial groups who are interested in taking tours along the UAE coastline to view the Palm and World developments, explore the Dubai Creek, or even cruise to Abu Dhabi. The destinations are limitless, as passengers can go up to Musandam in Oman or sail to the island of Bahrain.

Operating from the Dubai International Marine Club, using only an exclusive American yacht brand “Bluewater Yacht” to carry out the cruises and incentive trips. We do trips for all occasions, may it be a corporate business lunch, a romantic get away for two, a surprise party with friends, or a memorable wedding reception.. Bluewater makes one’s dreams come true.

Activities/ Entertainment
-          One jet ski available
-          One Banana boat, tube, knee board, wake board available
-          BBQ grill available on fly bridge 
-          Music system can be provided by us but must bring their own CDs
-          Snorkeling sets available for 3 ppl, the rest must bring their own
-          Fishing possible but only hand-line available 3 sets
-          Food (snacks + BBQ) and drinks (alcohol + juices) will be supplied by customer, otherwise we will arrange it if notified 48 hours in advance
-          Clean towels will be supplied by us
-          Only water and soft drinks inclusive of the charter rates.

Fractional Ownership


New to this part of the world is Fractional ownership. Bluewater Yachts And Boats Rental, has established a separate division to allow a group of friends, business associates, or for that matter even total strangers to own shares in a boat.

The process is quite complex and overtime owners, even close friends find that they squabble over management, time of use, expenses and the way the boat is maintained.

Bluewater Yachts And Boats Rentals takes all that responsibility away from the various owners and we have created booking forms, maintenance schedules and planning to make the project hassle free.

Firstly we enter into a Developer Agreement with all the owners, sit with them to specify the right boat for them and after the consensus of the owners, we obtain for them a boat of their choice, spec and order the boat. We establish a Jebel Ali off Shore Company which owns the boat, each owner having a share in the company based on his investment.

This is followed by a Vessel Owners Agreement which is signed by all the owners and spells out the rights and responsibilities of each owner when the boat is in his use and through out the life of the agreement.

Lastly the owners sign with Bluewater Yachts And Boat Rentals a Management Agreement which allow Bluewater to pay all mooring fee’s all maintenance fee’s, salaries and act on behalf of the owners prepare the boat for each owners use etc.

Yacht Management

Yacht management has seen significant growth globally over recent years, as more people turn to the marine industry in their pursuit for leisure activities and the demand for professional management has increased.

Besides chartering, Trade Wind Trading and Bluewater Yacht Boat Rental offers a full service for Yacht Management and maintenance.

Our aim is simple: to make life as easy as possible for you, by letting us take care of all the burdensome details relating to the general upkeep of your yacht.

You can leave your yacht in our expert hands and receive on return the highest level of support and professional commitment .

Our extensive weekly and monthly schedules will ensure that the regular preventive maintenance on your boat reduces the chance of major problems and our staff will keep an eye on your vessel daily; if required, more regular care will be planned.

Trade Wind Trading Co. organizes also crew selection and placement, supervises refits, arranges yacht surveys and advises on flagging registration and taxation details.

We consider to be our task to save the money spent by the Owner on our management by organizing the operation on board cost efficiently, by negotiating successfully with suppliers and yards, etc.

The budget of a yacht always has to take into account the plans and the wishes of an Owner. The budget is a binding guideline for the Captain and the managers and later allows to compare the actual situation with the projected situation. This can lead to important insight into the development of maintenance and other operational cost - and to accordingly taken action.


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