One-Level Living
Mid-yacht Entry
Custom Designed

Our custom-designed lower level offers you more functional living area than any other comparable luxury yacht on the market.

One-Level Living

Space is Plentiful
From flying deck to hull, you'll find more living, entertainment and storage space aboard a Bluewater than in comparable yachts. The expansive upper deck boasts over 240 sq. Ft. of living area - more space than yachts twice its size. It features a built-in entertainment center, wet bar and stereo, plus plenty of ergonomically designed seating to keep your guests comfortable.

Our one-level living concept is a design difference that makes spending time on a Bluewater easy and attractive. We tuck away the large master bedroom, guest rooms, storage space and rest rooms to create a big, bright, open atmosphere. It's the perfect setting for entertaining friends and business associates. Or a private retreat from the world for you and your family.

Quieter is Better
In independent testing, Bluewater's decibel levels from generator or propulsion engines measure consistently lower than comparable luxury yachts. Sounds good, doesn't it?

The reason: Bluewater has separate engine rooms that are in hidden cabinets and carefully soundproofed. While engine rooms in other yachts take up approximately twenty percent of their prime floor space, Bluewater's "Different by Design" approach allows room for quiet, luxurious one-level living.



Plenty of Storage
When it comes to storage, a Bluewater provides it in every conceivable spot. Hang your clothes in its many closets. Stock food and dishes in its ample cupboards. Store your gear and equipment in its hidden compartments. Even stash your boat bumpers out of sight. You'll find over 280 cubic feet of strategically located storage space in a Bluewater.


Mid-yacht Entry

Boarding a Bluewater is convenient no matter what the docking circumstances are. Having both a mid-yacht and an aft entry simplifies docking choices. The molded stairways to the deck are also on both sides of the boat, providing convenient access from all directions.


Custom Designed

All the Luxuries of Home
You'll feel right at home on a Bluewater. Enjoy freestanding furniture and full-sized, brand-name appliances, including a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. Add a hot tub, satellite television system or HDTV. Build in a home office. Go ahead and start dreaming, because if you can dream it, we can build it.

Beauty is in the Details
The beauty of a Bluewater can be found in the smallest places. For instance, all upholstery, from curtains to captain's chairs, is hand-sewn by talented tailors in our own upholstery department. All woodwork is hand-crafted by skilled, dedicated woodworkers. And if we can't find a piece or part that meets Bluewater's tough standards, we make it ourselves.

Your new Bluewater can be equipped with its own hot tub. It's a great way to relax while on the water or docked at day's end.

Our woodworkers take pride in making every door and cabinet a perfect work of art. At Bluewater, we hand-craft almost every piece of your yacht.

We combine hand-crafted pride with the latest in technology. Our engineers will work with you to design the perfect yacht for your discerning tastes.

Custom Built With Only You in Mind
Before we custom build your Bluewater, we'll sit down and listen to your hopes, dreams and expectations. It's the same way you would build an elegant "land-locked" home. The result is easy to maintain, enjoyable to live in and uniquely designed for each customer's tastes.

After we understand your needs, we work with you to plan, design, engineer and then build your Bluewater. You may choose from many floor plans or work with our engineering department to create your own. You're involved every step of the way. You'll actually feel like part of the Bluewater family. Maybe that's why Bluewater leads the industry in customer follow-up and resale.


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